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Welcome to Cruze Scooters!

Cruze Scooters is an exciting brand of cool and affordable scooters and mopeds. Are you looking for economical and convenient transportation to work or school? How about a fun way to get to the beach on the weekends? Try a scooter!

We carry 49.5cc and 150cc scooters in a range of styles and colors:

  • The sporty Raven, Raptor and Adventure will carry two in style on big wheels.
  • The Sport and Agility are peppy and affordable - our best sellers!
  • The vintage-looking Alpha has the retro feel reminiscent of classic European scooters, and is available in cool summer colors.
  • The Terra is a mid-sized scooter that carries two, but is still nimble enough to zip through the city streets on its 10-inch wheels.

In Massachusetts and many other states, you do not need a motorcycle driver’s license, insurance, or license plate to operate a 49.5cc ‘motorized bicycle’. You can use bike lanes to zoom by stopped traffic. You can park just about anywhere. And, you won’t be visiting the gas station often because these scooters get more than 80 MPG (Miles Per Gallon).

Our after sales service is world class - and look no further for oil changes, tune-ups and general maintenance on your new scooter, because our Service Center is staffed with expert technicians. Get your parts and accessories here, too!

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